CV of Failures

Kento Nozawa
11 September 2023

No longer would this page be updated to hide my activity at my affiliation. Of course, I’ve failed like before since then.

This page is the CV of failures of Kento Nozawa inspired by a column on Nature A CV of Failures written by Prof. Melanie Stefan.

Year Paper Rejections at …
2022 European Journal of Sport Science
2022 ICLR
2021 ICML
2019 ICML
2018 CIKM
2018 ICLR Workshop
2016 WSDM

Year Job Positions I did not get (Only CS Area)
2022 Preferred Networks, Inc. New Graduates - Researcher
2022 Twitter Singapore Engineering Internship
2021 Apple Japan AI Engineering & Research Internship
2021 Salesforce Research Asia Research Internship
2021 LINE AI Company CV Lab
2021 Github Senior ML Researcher
2021 Adobe Research Internship
2021 Facebook AI Research Internship
2021 Adobe Research Internship
2021 Amazon Research Internship
2021 Leapmind Fulltime Engineer
2021 Salesforce Research Asia Research Internship
2019 Google Research Internship
2019 Facebook AI Research Internship
2018 Microsoft Research Asia Internship
2016 IBM Research – Tokyo Internship
2016 PFI/PFN Summer Internship
2016 Gunosy Summer Internship
2015 Treasure Data Summer Internship
2014 Wantedly Summer Internship
2014 ABEJA Summer Internship
2014 LINE Summer Internship
2014 Cygames Summer Internship
2013 Cygames Summer Internship

Year Scholarship / Grants / Fellowships I did not get
2022 GSFS Challenging New Area Doctoral Research Grant
2021 JST ACT-X (Grants)
2020 Toyota / Dwango Advanced AI Scholarship
2019 JST AIP Challenge (Grants)
2018 Google Fellowship
2012 My hometown’s Scholarship